Look up. Waaaaay up.

See something new?  Now, press refresh.  Press it again.  And again.  I made five new headers that are supposed to load randomly.  If I did it right.  Did I do it right?

I get a little squirrelly when this place looks the same for too long and so I tend to mess with stuff when I get bored with it.  I used to do that with my hair when I didn’t have a blog.  I’ve had mid-waist long blond hair, dark brown bobs, boy-short bright red, a thousand perms, and everything in between.  Right now my hair is longish because I haven’t cut it in over a year, it’s my natural colour because I haven’t dyed it in about five, and the texture resembles that of a bird’s nest because I care far too little to either nurture the natural curl or straighten it with a flat iron.  And that’s because I have a blog to change when I get squirrelly instead of that which resides on my head.

I bet you’re glad you took the time out of your busy schedule to read about my stupid blog and my ugly hair.  I’m nothing if not a waste of time.

Carry on about your business.


14 thoughts on “Look up. Waaaaay up.

  1. Very nice. Red and boy short? Pictures or it didn’t happen. Isn’t it funny how you get a picture of someone in your head and that’s the only one that you could ever imagine?

    • I think there are only two pictures of me with that hair in existence, neither of which is fit for public viewing. Not that I’m nude in them or anything, they’re just terrible pictures.

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