Anything you can resist doing, I can resist doing…longer

I’ve been told I’m stubborn.  I don’t think I’m that stubborn.  I mean, I’m not going to get bullied around, which is a part of being stubborn, I guess.  Deciding you’re going to do or not do something and sticking with your convictions.  Not letting someone else make your decisions for you, even if maybe their way is better or easier than yours.  Is that stubbornness?  Maybe.  I just like learning for myself.  Making my own mistakes.  Doing things the way I like doing them.  Not doing things when I don’t want to.  Stubborn?  Ok, probably.

I also just happened to have birthed a stubborn child.  A very stubborn child.  But if there’s one thing I’m determined to not let happen, is there’s no way in heck* I’m going to get out-stubborned by a child.

Case in point.  Scene – the girls’ washroom, as we’re getting them ready for bed.  Avery was refusing to even attempt to go to the potty on her own.  Her major malfunction was that she didn’t want to pull her shorts off herself, which she does all the time if they’re playing dress up or changing into a bathing suit, but because she got it in her head that I should do it and not her (*cough*lazy*cough*), we had…A STANDOFF.

I can’t.

You can.

I can’t

You can.

I cay-yant.

Yes.  You can.

20 minutes later

I can’t.

Yes, you can.  You do it all the time.


You can.  Just do it.

I’m going to pee my pants!

Yeah, you are.  Unless you do it.


Yep.  In your pants.  It’s going to be a mess.


Yes, you can.

30 minutes later

I can’t.

You can.

I ca…ok, I can.

And then she did it.  Because I’m the boss and she’s the child and I can sit on the washroom floor for HOURS waiting for her to go potty.  She finally realized that she can’t beat me.  I’m like a gold medal winning Olympian in marathon standoffs.

Honey, you go toe to toe with the bull, you best believe you’re going to get the horns.  There is no one, NO ONE, who can out-stubborn me.


* Her new favourite phrase is “what the hell?”, and so we’re watching our mouths very carefully now.  Eirinn never used grown up words, which is what we call them round here.  But Avery thinks our reaction to it is hilarious.  YOU try to keep a straight face when a three year old exclaims “what the hell is that?” in the middle of a busy grocery store.  You will fail.  Much like I have failed Parenting, apparently.  Although, I have my very strong doubts that the offender was me.  I blame the Ghostbusters.


11 thoughts on “Anything you can resist doing, I can resist doing…longer

  1. In only just starting following your blog but you are already one of my favorites. My 20 MO said “oh fuck” the other day and I fear my reaction just encouraged him! You’re right, baby+cursing=nobody keeps a straight face.

  2. I love this: “Honey, you go toe to toe with the bull, you best believe you’re going to get the horns.”

    Because, yes. I always want to tell my son that I appreciate his efforts but I’ve had 35 years of Stubborn Practice against his 3 and change. So, good luck winning that, PAL. I got allllll day.

  3. I am learning a lot being a parent to my 6 year old. Traditional fear and intimidation doesn’t work with her. Neither does heart to heart talks, She is so stubborn and determined to live life on her terms she “puts up with” my daddy stuff until she can get from point A to point B.

    I laughed and related alot to this.

  4. I think you must have my child – somehow she ended up at your place – it’s time you sent her back, dontcha think? I don’t even remember dropping her off at your place…? Maybe I was drunk at the time … seriously, Caity/Avery, sisters from different mothers …

    Can I drop the other one off too?

  5. I like to use the Ghostbusters as a scapegoat for many things – it makes me feel much better about myself.

    I’m stubborn but also have ADD – and I think that’s a conflict of interest; I likely would have caved due to moving on to something else 🙂

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