Day One Of Shamelessness

Declare your love for an uncool TV show.

I have been known to obsess over a TLC series of specials called My Shocking Story.  These were on before hoarding and disgustingly weird habits were cool.  They’re about people with physical afflictions that not only made them stand out in a crowd for one reason or another, but also made them special.  And not in a “special” sort of way, but honestly and sincerely special.  Their difficulties in life as a result of whatever it is that made them special also made them stronger, more joyful, appreciative and compassionate than anyone who was lucky enough to be born typical.  And this is why I love watching this show – not because I want to see these “shocking” physical abnormalities and point and say “poor things, I’m glad that’s not me.”  I watch because no matter what’s going on with me in a day, these people are surviving and living and thriving and doing a much better job than so many of us who don’t have these challenges to overcome or fight beyond.

After an episode of My Shocking Story, I always feel like I had absolutely no right to feel sorry for myself.  Which is exactly the sort of shake we all need more often than we’re willing to admit.


The 30 Days


23 thoughts on “Day One Of Shamelessness

  1. The little girl suffering from dwarfism has th best attitude. She seems happy. The only people seem stressed or afflicted.

    cool share, Jen

  2. when i had cable, my favorite shows were the ones you like to watch. I sucked at math and science, but the mystery and variety in genetics has fascinated me since I was a little kid. 🙂 So we are uncool science geeks together, who also get inspired by courage in their stories.

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  7. Kenadie (the little girl) always touches my heart. I love watching the original show she was in, plus all of her updates.

    I’ve also seen every episode. I am floored by the beautiful attitudes these people show on a daily basis. They’re Strength.

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