Day Three Of Shamelessness

Eat.  Eat whatever you feel like eating.

I always eat whatever I feel like eating.  Diets and healthy eating are too bossy.  Don’t tell me what to do, is what I yell at the vegetable drawer.  Mind.  Yo.  Bidness.  Once in a while I’ll feel guilty, but that usually only happens when I have successfully grown out of another pair of pants.  That feeling is fleeting.  I like food, therefore I eat it.

And that brings us to my current obsession.  I am no chef.  I don’t like cooking.  When AH isn’t home, the kids and I eat one of three rotating dishes – “homemade” mac and cheese (noodles mixed with powdered cheese sauce, topped with bacon bits), chicken strips and fries/perogies/rice, or french toast.  I stand by the fact that I could cook more; I’ve done lasagna many times, chicken and dumplings, and probably more stuff that I can’t remember.  I just don’t like to cook.  It’s too much pressure.  There’s too much coordination and timing and organization.  I can’t handle it.  AH is great at it, thankfully so, and we eat well.

I’m more of a dessert master.  I don’t bake as often as I used to or as much as I should, but I do.  I love baking.  Baking is a science.  If you get all the elements exactly correct, you’ve got yourself something delicious.  I also love what I like to call “assembling” desserts.  Anything no-bake falls into this category.

Back to what I way up there called My Current Obsession, which, conveniently, has been wholly embraced by the rest of my family.  Pudding parfaits.  Take one package of pudding, add one package of Dream Whip, and go crazy.  Invent.  Layer.  Enjoy.  I’ll share a couple of my creations with you, for example, but you should really just go ahead and come up with some of your own.  Oh, and there’s no pictures because seriously.  They don’t last long enough.

Oreo Parfait

In a short, glass tumbler, layer:

chocolate cookie crumbs

prepared vanilla pudding

crumbled high quality chocolate (I used imported British Cadbury Dairy Milk Buttons.  High quality, to me, means tastes good.)

more prepared vanilla pudding

1 pkg prepared Dream whip, mixed with cacao (approx. 1/4 cup per package)

shaved white chocolate for garnish

Peanut Butter And Banana Parfait

graham cracker crumbs

prepared banana pudding

sliced bananas

peanut butter baking chips

prepared banana pudding

1 pkg prepared Dream Whip, mixed with approx. 2 tbsp extra smooth peanut butter

chocolate sprinkles for garnish


I’m constantly thinking of new, elaborate combinations made with all the different flavours of pudding.  I think tonight there will be something involving lemon.  There will be berries and white chocolate.  Oh, yes.  There will be berries and white chocolate.


The 30 Days

Day One

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22 thoughts on “Day Three Of Shamelessness

  1. Even though I love my healthy food, I’m the same way with cooking (bring on the baking!) There’s all that timing and prep and pressure. I keep things simple and have a rotation of staples. What I need is a husband that cooks, but then there’s all that timing and prep and pressure…

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