1. As a Fat Canadian I am OBLIGATED TO VOTE FOR POUTINE!!!! It rules my entire existence. Hangover? Poutine. Upset? Poutine. Hungry under any circumstance? Poutine. Not hungry under any circumstance? Poutine. EVERY DAY POUTINE ALL THE TIME…… that is all. Also, cheese curds only. Putting shredded cheese on my poutine warrants a punch in the mothereffin’ face.

  2. I prefer chili cheese fries because the name of the dish announces its ingredients and gives you a set of expectations against which you can measure your dish – in other words, chili cheese fries comes with its own a priori model, like a ghost haunting your bar food. Poutine, on the other hand, is ominous.

  3. I can’t get behind the gravy and fries combination. I do love me some chili cheese fries though. Damnit now I want them. Probability I have my husband go find some while playing the pregnancy card? Very high. Probably greater than 90%.

  4. First of all whoever said fries are gross should be blocked. Second, I’m from south Louisiana and I like gravy on everything, so I voted Poutine. However, when I read that word my mind sees “poontang” and I’m not sure about the rest of the country, but down here it means the same thing as snatch so in a very round about way I agree with Palinode, the name doesn’t entice.

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