Day Ten Of Shamelessness

Declare your love for an uncool band.

I have strong opinions about this day, but I will save them for Day 21, when I’m asked to express a strong feeling.  For now, I’ll just swallow my unjustified rage and carry on as though I’m not thoroughly perturbed.  Just know this is killing me from the inside.


An “uncool” band.  I haven’t had a favourite band or singer or performer since high school, and even then, it wasn’t just one, but a list of many favourites.  Most of them were Canadian rock/alt rock bands from the 90s – The Watchmen, Our Lady Peace, I Mother Earth, The Tragically Hip – or more quirky, left-of-center groups or individuals – Hayden, Frente, Björk (yes, I’ll cop to enjoying the hell out of some Björk).



I will even admit to being a huge – wait for it – shame-filled confession time now – I’m already having feelings of deep regret – is it too late to back out now? – just do it, nerd – The Spice Girls.

Yes, I loved The Spice Girls.  At the same time as all those folks up there, on the same Top Ten Favourite Bands list as those guys, I included, with no hesitation, The Spice Girls.  I was Scary Spice.  Any of you willing to admit that you liked The Spice Girls knows well that when you like The Spice Girls, you choose which one you “are”.  I was Scary Spice, usually.  I had big, unruly hair and I didn’t give a crap, so I was Scary.  Although, occasionally I was Sporty Spice because I played baseball and could do a mean round-off.  But usually, I was Scary.



And you know what?  I’m not even counting The Spice Girls as my “uncool declaration” because at the time, they weren’t uncool, in that they were selling bazillions of albums to trillions of people making frillions of dollars.  If cool equals popularity, there was nothing uncool AT THE TIME about liking The Spice Girls.  Just a bit out of character for me.

I had a few years where I enjoyed me some Josh Groban.  Yes, that boy can sang.  If I had all of the money in all of the world, I would have hired him to follow me around and be my personal chanteur.  I actually went to a Josh Groban concert.  Did you know an extreme Groban fan is called a Grobanite?  I was never a Grobanite, but I loved listening to that boy sing.

[here’s where I would insert February Song, but every time I tried, I was video-blocked by disabled embedding, and so you should just go ahead and YouTube February Song.  I’ll wait]

And I’m not going to count Josh Groban as my “uncool declaration” because Josh is very cool among the over 50 set, so I’m just ahead of my time.

I’ve liked a lot of pretty lame music, I’m realizing upon reflection, but I liked it, so I refuse to call it uncool.  Most of what I like and have liked has been pretty good, I think anyone would agree, but I’m a fan of music in general, so I’ll listen to everything.  Almost.  And I refuse to declare my love for an uncool band because I refuse to call any band or singer that I’ve loved uncool.  The end.




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9 thoughts on “Day Ten Of Shamelessness

  1. At some point there becomes so much uncoolness one place at one time that it all becomes cool. That’s not the case here. #sarcasm

    Hindsight shows The Spice Girls weren’t that bad compared to what came after. Plus Posh made a career out of doing less than bad singing. Sporty’s solo stuff isn’t awful. I don’t know where I’m going with this. Good post, eh?

    • Admittedly, The Spice Girls are not NEARLY as bad as half of the bubblegum pop out there right now. However, this was a past music love. Finding that video for the post was the first time I’d listened to them since they disappeared from the airwaves in 2000.

      I do, however, still dig Bjork and Frente and all those other more mainstream cool bands I listed above.

  2. Hmmmm… I like that we would’ve been music buddies in the 90’s (well, aside from that Spice Girls craziness). I think my uncoolest music love is Madonna. Although whenever anyone tries to tell me how uncool it is to love her, I get all yappy-chihuahua on their ass defending her integrity as an “artist”… So. yeah. Madge.

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