Day Eleven Of Shamelessness

Dress to show some skin.


Sorry to disappoint, but I’m not showing you any of my skin.  I mean, I could show you my face skin or my neck skin or my hand skin, but I don’t think that’s the point.  I’d even be willing to show maybe a bit of shoulder skin if it were the summer and I wore a tank top or something, but you know what?  Taking a special picture of me in a tank top in the fall in Canada, just to post it on the internet to fulfill a day in a meme is weird.  So, no.  I will not dress to show some skin.  In fact, in protest of being asked to show some skin, I have dressed today in layers.  Many, many layers.  A tank top, a short-sleeved shirt, a cardigan.  I’ve got pants on to cover my legs, my hair down to hide my neck, and my shoes are doing a stand-up job protecting my toes from all these memes trying to ogle them.  All in an effort to not show any skin.  Except my face and my hands. 

Pervert meme…

I’ve never been one to dress to show skin.  I’m not ashamed of my body and I’m actually pretty sure I wouldn’t look completely terrible if I chose to dress that way, but I sure as canned peaches wouldn’t be comfortable.  I don’t like people looking at me.  I dress to blend in, to be camouflaged in my surroundings.  I try my best not to be the frumpiest in a group, but I also never want to be the most done up.  And I certainly never dress in a way that would draw eyes.  Just thinking about it is making my innards itch.

Just please stop looking at me.  There’s nothing to see here.


Edited to add:

Fine.  Face skin, neck skin and even a bit of clavicle skin.  And this shirt also has 1/2 length sleeves, so you would have been able to see my forearms had I zoomed out a little further.  Also – new glasses!

There.  Satisfied?


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