Feed The World, Make It A Better Place…

* Background – Eirinn hates to flush the toilet.  She’s basically afraid of everything in life, loud noises included, so she only flushes when we tell her to get back into the washroom and flush.

Scene: Avery and me in the washroom, where we come upon an un-flushed pee-pee toilet.

Avery: “Eir-INN.  She didn’t flush again.

Me: “I know.  She never does.”

Avery: “That’s rude.”

Me: “I know, right?  Then we have to do it for her.”

Avery: “And it’s rude to the toilet.”

Me: derpy look “Huh?”

Avery: “Maybe the toilet’s thirsty.  It wants to drink the pee.”

Me: “Uhh…gross?  Maybe?  You’re weird.”

Avery: “I’ll be nice and flush the toilet, then it will have some pee to drink.”

Me: “I’m sure it will appreciate it.”

Avery: “I bet the toilet’s hungry, too.”

I’ll let you use your imagination to figure out what she meant by that.  Let me know if you don’t get it.  Hint: she had to poo and apparently that’s what toilets eat.


2 thoughts on “Feed The World, Make It A Better Place…

  1. gross…but funny

    CarlyGoose, who’s a lot like Eirinn, had this isue at age 3 & 4. It’s a combo of being scared & just being forgetful. Now, at age 7, Goose put up sticky notes in our bathrooms reminding everyone to flush the potty. We’ll see what Eirinn’s next move is.

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