Da corn is popping in your face inna…3-D!

I saw this today as a part of The Muppets promotion:

Ah, the Swedish Chef.  Who doesn’t love the Swedish Chef?  At first I thought “oh, good!  the Swedish Chef is in the new movie!” because I had heard a rumour that he might not be, but you can’t have the Muppets without The Chef. 

But then I got thinking and was all:

Can you see what’s wrong with the Swedish Chef up there?  It’s very, very wrong, if you ask me.  It’s like Are You KIDDING ME? level of wrongness all over the place.  I’ll give you an image to compare and contrast, taken from one of my favourite Christmas movies of all time, A Muppet Family Christmas:

The Swedish Chef is trying to kill the turkey, or “gobbly gobbly”, if you will, to serve to the entire Muppet crew (including those from Sesame Street AND Fraggle Rock) for Christmas dinner.  But the turkey thinks quickly and draws the chef’s attention to Big Bird, who becomes the chef’s object of culinary desire for the remainder of the movie.

Not the point.  In that second picture, what is different from the first?  I’ll wait.

His hands, that’s what.  The Swedish Chef is supposed to have REAL HUMAN HANDS.  Not puppet hands.  Puppet hands are fine for Muppets like Miss Piggy or Fozzie Bear, but not Swedish Chef.  The Chef needs real hands.  This is ridiculous.  I want a chef with real hands.  Anything else is weird.  And that’s saying a lot when talking about Muppets and their appendages.

I need to start worrying about stuff that matters.


4 thoughts on “Da corn is popping in your face inna…3-D!

  1. Nope – totally matters! Swedish chef is one of my favourites, and the creepy human hands are a big part of why. Also, I got sucked into the SBTB clip..it’s kind of hypnotic and awesome, look at Slater’s pants! What are those?

    • It looks like the top of an old lady skirt. The guy in the background walking by looks like Steve-O with long hair. Although, it could be a girl. You never can tell with these things.

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