What I’d Buy For Myself If I Were To Buy Myself Something

I’m no good at telling people what I want for Christmas.  I mostly just want to buy my own stuff, partly because I actually enjoy shopping (when the stores aren’t busy) and also because of the Box Of Dead Flies Face.  So I generally tell people to get me gift cards or money or I don’t tell them anything and make them think for themselves.

If I were to buy my own Christmas gifts, I’d buy these things:

A goldfish in a bowl necklace.  I don’t know if it’s cute because it’s a fish in a bowl on a chain or if it’s because the orange fish against the turquoise background is one of my all-time favourite colour combinations and I’m being duped by a marketing genius.  Either way, I want that fish around my neck.  Want.

I want these fish around my neck, too.  These are jointed cloisonne koi similar to one I had when I was a preteen.  A friend of mine at the time spent a month in Japan and brought me back an orange jointed cloisonne koi.  I kept it on a keychain for years, long after we parted ways, and it was one of my most favourite little trinkets I’ve ever owned.  This necklace instantly brings childhood memories to mind and if I concentrate, I can feel the jointed scales move between my fingers.  Want.

I don’t generally carry a purse.  They’re clumsy and uncomfortable and require way too much attention.  I prefer a good, sturdy messenger bag.  They sling over my shoulder so that I don’t have to remember I’m carrying it because my hands are free and I needn’t worry about it sliding off.  This messenger bag is like the Rolls Royce of messenger bags, except it’s upcycled and handcrafted, so it’s much less posh than a Rolls.  Want.

I do like your face.  It’s interesting and honest.  You should like your face, too.  Want.  The card, not your face.

I have a bit of an obsession with trees in my decorating.  The salt and pepper shaker we use right now are alright, but they’re just plain white ceramic and why would you want plain white shakers when you could have shakers that look like bird houses and hang off their own tree?  They’re shakers AND a centerpiece for your table.  Want.

I have a problem with flat, tall boots this year.  I bought a brown pair of slouchy rider-esque boots for my birthday, so obviously I need a black pair.  I like the Victorianness of the covered buttons on these.  Want.

I have a fascination with rainbows.  I think I’ve spoken about it before.  They’re just so perfect in their organization and orderliness.  Want.

I bought a shirt in Ireland that came with a belt around the waist, but the belt was so tiny and wimpy, I cut the belt ties and threw it away.  I thought I’d rather wear the shirt completely without than with that pathetic excuse for belt.  But I think the shirt could use some mid-section cinching, but let’s get serious here.  If you’re going to be a belt, BE A BELT.  Want.

I’m not saying I want a Boston Terrier puppy, but I’m not saying I don’t, either.  If one were to, say, wander up my front steps and make a sad little puppy nest on my welcome mat, I wouldn’t NOT invite it to sleep inside where it’s warm.  Bosco is nice and I’m sure he’d be more than happy to share his new bed and his squeak toys and his special treats with a hyper little puppy.  Look.  I’m not ACTIVELY looking for a puppy, I’m just not INACTIVELY looking, either.  Or actively not looking.  Or inactively not looking.  I’m just saying, LOOK AT THAT FACE.  LOOKIT IT.

I’d probably name him Walter.


7 thoughts on “What I’d Buy For Myself If I Were To Buy Myself Something

  1. I’m better at buying other people things because I never know what I want. It’s usually some trinket I happen upon by random chance and like that I’ll buy for myself. The last thing I bought myself was a snow globe with a big silver snowflake inside, plus it has a windup on its bottom that plays a seasonal song. It clearly fits the December holidays. Plus my baby girl often falls asleep listening to & looking at it. So it’s a gift I can share also, all the better. It also reminds me of the music box my mom had when I was little. Sometimes low tec that brings back good memories is the best self-gift.

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