People Stuff

I asked the Internet if they preferred an excerpt or a full post in their feed reader and the overwhelming majority said full post.  So that’s cool.  I just switched it because I’m pretty sure that’s probably why my stats and comments are down.  If I were one to pay close attention to those things.  Which I’m not.  I mean, I LOVE comments and I certainly don’t mind days that prove fruitful, hit-wise, it just isn’t something I bother myself with so much that I ever do much about.  So I switched to full post and I expect a dramatic rise in pageviews and comments because whatever the Internet says, I believe.  And if that doesn’t happen, my advertisers will be greatly disappointed.

You know what I’ve been thinking about?  Besides people stuff?  Actually, this IS people stuff, so I guess that’s the answer.  People stuff.  Specifically, babies should be ugly.  There are too many people in the world, right?  Probably because babies are cute.  People don’t like owning ugly things, so babies should be ugly and then no one will want to have any.  Or at least not more than one, once they realize that their ugly babies are no different from everyone else’s ugly babies.  And they should stink all the time.  Problem solved.  YOU’RE WELCOME.  You can thank Lesombre for the stinky bit.  BRILLIANT addition, if you ask me.

According to my sources (Avery), getting coal in your stocking for Christmas isn’t so bad because if you stick it in your butt for long enough, it’ll turn into a diamond.

We saw both Mission Impossible III: Ghost Protocol and Sherlock Holmes: Something Something Shadows over the holidays and I liked them equally.  I found it a little weird that Iron Man was talking weird but I also found it weird that I didn’t want to throw a slider at Tom Cruise’s head, so it balanced out.  Tuesday night, I started watching the Swedish Millenium trilogy (The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo on Tuesday, The Girl Who Played With Fire last night, and I’ll be watching The Girl Who Does Something Else tonight), which stars Noomi Rapace (I’m high fiving myself because I got that right without looking it up), who was also in Sherlock Holmes as That Gypsy Girl.  I’m not so good with names.  The trilogy also stars Michael Nyqvist, who also stars-ishes in MI III.  I like him better as a bad guy but I like her better Swedish.

There is no point to the above paragraph.  Also, we’re almost completely caught up with True Blood, which we started from the very beginning about 3 weeks ago.  Still no point.

Wait, I think the point might be that I spend too much time in front of a screen.

Exactly, Boog.  Exactly.

(if you know who Boog is, you win ten gold stars)

(and if you cheat and use Google, you don’t win any gold stars and you lose 10 future gold stars)


7 thoughts on “People Stuff

  1. Nooimi Rapace is one of the all time great names.

    Avery is spot on. I got coal in my stocking this year. I hope to have diamond before i die.

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