There’s Probably Lots Of Better Stuff Than This To Read On The Internet

Where have I been for the past week?  Well…um…in the exact same spot I was when I last spoke to you?  Literally.  Pathetic and my buttcheeks are numb.  But it’s the truth and I wouldn’t lie to you.  I’m in the same chair and I’ve been doing the same thing all week. 

Polyvore.  Oh, you damn, dirty, devil.  You’re like dress up dolls for grown ups with low standards for entertainment and long attention spans and I CAN’T QUIT YOU.

This week, I wore the following:

From My Closet 6
From My Closet 7
From My Closet 8
From My Closet 9
From My Closet 10


Again, not exactly exact outfit matches, but really, really close.

And in between micro-documenting my day-to-day outfits, I’ve also created entire collections inspired by fictional characters.  OH, YES I DID.  It’s literally the funnest thing ever if you’re a super huge loser nerd with no friends and no life and a tendency to become obsessed with stupid stuff.  Literally.  I’ll save you having to look at every single set because THEY ARE PLENTY, but go ahead and clickity click if you’re curious.

Despicable Me, including Margo, Edith, Agnes, Gru, Vector and the Minions.

Alice In Wonderland, including Alice, The Mad Hatter, Cheshire Cat, The White Rabbit and The Queen Of Hearts.

And all ten of the Official Disney Princesses, which includes Cinderella, Snow White, Aurora, Belle, Ariel, Mulan, Pocahontas, Jasmine, Tiana, and Rapunzel.

Because I am no where near ready to admit I have a problem (yeah, this doesn’t feel like rock-bottom to me), my next project is The Wizard Of Oz.  Then Disney Villains.  And then I DON’T KNOW WHAT BUT I’M EXCITED AND OH, GOD SOMEONE KILL ME.

I fromise* I’ll snap out of it soon.  I can see that this is starting to get ridiculous; I’m just not ready to do anything about it yet.  In the meantime, you should probably follow me on Pinterest, where I pin all my best Polyvore boards.  And then we can fully cultivate this problem together.  As a team.

Follow Me on Pinterest


* fromise is what you say when you want someone to think you just made a promise, but you didn’t technically promise anything, so you really can’t be held accountable for your actions.


6 thoughts on “There’s Probably Lots Of Better Stuff Than This To Read On The Internet

  1. Those boards are amazing!!

    I have never seen this Polyvore before, but I’m pretty sure I’m going to be mildly addicted to it in the next five minutes.

    And I just followed you on Pinterest, because I don’t want to miss your Wizard of Oz boards.

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