12 thoughts on “Earworm

  1. Hi Jen. I have been meaning to tell you I liked your post about short legs! I have short legs too and I LOVED it. It was very funny how you compared yourself to a Corgi. OMG. Anyhoo, also wanted to tell you thanks for turning me onto Polyvore. That is a supercool site. I have been doing a lot with Pinterest and Instagram lately…..also much fun. Toodles!

    • With over 54 million views, I feel like I’m probably terribly late to the party, but I haven’t been able to get this song out of my head for about a week.

  2. So, this viral vid has been going around — it’s a cover of this song, but the really novel thing is that it’s done by five people using one guitar. (Crazy, I know.)

    The thing is, most people are sharing it for the “wow” factor because of the 5 people 1 guitar angle (hmm, that sounded bad), but I actually like the cover *better* than the original.

  3. Honestly. . . I really really was waiting for the full frontal on the girl, and i was disappointed in the song (which I played on mute because I’m in the office) for not providing that. Horrible song. Maybe it would be better if I could hear it.

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