3. Hands


Pay no attention to the mess of Polly Pockets and Littlest Pet Shops in the background.


Do you know how hard it is to take a picture of your own hand?  You know, without it looking…porny?  Because seriously, there’s only one spot you can put your hand where you can take a picture of it using your other hand and that is on your crotch area.  I tried it.  Or you could set up the remote and try to look natural as you pose with the hands on your face like you’re at Glamour Shots and by then you might as well have mall bangs and stage makeup.  Or you could do the Paris Hilton with your hands on your hips, but then you have to position yourself in such a way that the hands are front and center because the assignment was HANDS and then you’re pretty much just thrusting your hips at the camera anyway.  OR you have to lay down and cover your crotch with your hand.  So, I tried that and you know what?  I’mma just smoosh my hand up against the computer screen and that’s what you get.  Because I promised to show you my man hands and I NEVER go back on my promises.  Aaaaanyway, here’s Lefty against my laptop.  A perfect fit, vertically, against the screen (15″ widescreen).


8 thoughts on “3. Hands

    • I couldn’t figure out how to take the picture using my chin. So here’s what you do: you copy that picture, go into photoshop, make a mirror image and paste it right beside that one. Bada-bing! A matching set!

  1. I found your blog on StudioThirtyPlus and immediately became your newest stalker. I mean, subscriber. Love, love, love your blog! I haven’t decided for sure, but I might want to be you when I grow up. We’ll see 🙂 Okay, now I’m just being creepy. I promise I’m not that bad – if you get a chance, come and visit me at http://hollowtreeventures.blogspot.com/ – can’t wait to see the rest of your Feb. photo challenge!

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