5. 10 A.M.

Breakfast of champions, if the contest is premature aging.  I’m two pills away from one of those days of the week pill sorter things.  Thankfully they’re all just vitamins and minerals.  Vitamins D and B, Omega-3, and ferrous gluconate, which is fancy speak for iron.  The D is because I live in Canada and the sun and its recipe of warmth and essential fat-soluble secosteroids are but a distant tease, B and Omega-3 because I occasionally lose my shit and get the sads, and iron because I’ve needed it since I was 15.  My blood isn’t quite as metallic as it should be.

That’s Life cereal because if Mikey likes it, it MUST be good, in a bowl I’ve been eating cereal and ice cream out of for the last 20 years.  It it an ugly, peeling turquoise plastic thing, of which there are 7 more the same, but it is incomparable by way of size and fitability into my giant hands.  It is, and they are, literally the perfect cereal bowl.  And oj.  Because I may be old, but I don’t do coffee.  Oh, and this way I don’t need another pill to get the vitamin C.


4 thoughts on “5. 10 A.M.

  1. I always eat out of the same old bowl as well. I’ve looked for a backup/replacement for the day when I inevitably kill the thing I love, but no luck yet…

  2. Thanks for reminding me it’s 10AM! I decided to take up the Feb photo challenge and was so wrapped up in writing the post wherein I catch up on all the days I’ve missed so far, that I almost missed my photo op today! Your breakfast looks delish, by the by. Much more so than the hairy guy from yesterday, anyway.
    I hope to be posting soon, and will certainly be crediting you for the inspiration. If you get a chance, check it out – I think you might appreciate my pic of a stranger.

  3. Where’s all the milk?! I am a cereal-o-holic so I notice these things. You must be one of those “can’t let the cereal get soggy” type of people like Jeff with his Capn’ Crunch. Or he will even eat the cereal dry with a glass of milk on the side. Also, that isn’t nearly enough cereal!! Did you have seconds? Love the bowl! I totally get the attachment to a dish or utencil…especially for something as important and awesome as cereal. Good job with the vitmain D and Omegas! I’m right there with ya except I’ve been using one of those pill sorter things for a couple years not. I have about 6-7 pills I take each morning. Jeff is utterly embarrassed by my pill holder for Seniors but that doesn’t stop me!

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