Shopping Is Not As Fun As It Pretends To Be

I woke up this morning with the skin of a 14 year old, which is…not good.  I don’t really blame my skin, though, as stress can cause breakouts and I really put that theory to the test this weekend.  It was good stress, I suppose, but stress is stress nonetheless. 

Anonymous Husband has started a project at home that will consume his free time for the next few months, best case scenerio.  I estimate by the time the last finishing touch has been put in place, we’re looking at mid-summer before he’s done.  This is a good thing, in that the project is finishing our basement and, when complete, we’ll have added a few rooms and many additional square feet of living space to our home.  But it’s also not a good thing because for the next few months, best case scenerio, the vast majority of parenting will be done by me in a solo parent type situation.  Wherein from the moment they wake until bedtime, I’m it.  Hundreds of thousands of families are run in this manner every single day, so I am in no way saying this is unusual or that I’m making some sort of unique sacrifice.  I’m just saying, that’s all.  Sure, the work AH is and will be putting in in order to convert the lower floor of our home into usable living space will be strenuous and the hundreds of hours he’s already put in to designing and researching every single minute detail is nothing to shake a stick at, but as many parents, many of you reading, can attest – there is no job as difficult and stressful as taking care of children.

On Saturday, I took the girls to gymnastics, to the bakery, fed them lunch, and then we went, with my mom and later, my sister, dress shopping.  My sister’s getting married in the summer and Eirinn and Avery are her flower girls.  With my mom changing one girl and me with the other, we tried on no less than 30 different dresses at several different stores.  We kept telling them that we were playing Barbies and they were the dolls.  However, Barbies, last I checked, didn’t wiggle and use outdoor voices and insist on wearing snow boots with their pretty dresses and smear snot across their faces, coming dangerously close to the clothes they don’t own.  But, despite all that, which I’m pretty certain gave me a mini stroke, we came away with complete outfits fit for a wedding.

                       Flowergirl dress #2Flowergirl dress #1

AND THEN on Sunday, I took the girls grocery shopping, to the bakery again, fed them lunch, and then we went, with my mom and sister and aunt, dress shopping.  This time for me, who will play the role of bridesmaid.  I bought the very first dress from the very first store because I had seen enough of the inside of changerooms to last a lifetime, thank you very much.  The dress fit, didn’t look hideous.  The only two requirements.  I even bought shoes and a cardigan, all at the same store. 

Pinned Image

Dress, orange cardigan and flats from H&M.  The other two bm’s will be in a different bright colour, similar to this.

THAT is how shopping is done.

I love my kids (obviously; who would say otherwise of their children?) and I love spending time with them.  They’re hilarious and adorable and who wouldn’t want to spend time with cute things that make you laugh?  But if I never go shopping with them again, at least until they’re of an age where they don’t require snacks and don’t hide under racks of clothes and can go a couple hours without getting “tired from walking”, I will not complain.  But then there’s next week, and there are groceries to buy and a gift to purchase for a birthday party I’ll need to take Eirinn to after gymnastics, so there is no relief in sight.

To be fair, they were both shockingly well behaved.  I mean, for them.  Like I said, there was the ultra loud voices and the snot-nosed peek-a-boo through the very expensive ladies dresses and the relentless need for sustinence, but overall, I can not complain about how they handled it all.  I mean, what kid likes shopping for clothes?  Not mine, I know that much, and we didn’t have even one temper tantrum.  I’m exhausted, though, and so are they.  They’re both sick (so, yeah, my apologies to anyone who was at the mall yesterday) with nasty coughs.  Avery has a leaky faucet for a nose, Eirinn keeps barking until she cries, and I CAN HAS SLEEP NOW, PLEASE?  Bedtime could NOT have come quick enough.

I found my very first gray hair last night.  I am…not at all surprised.


7 thoughts on “Shopping Is Not As Fun As It Pretends To Be

  1. oh you simply MUST watch a mom with BOYS on a shopping trip like this.. I.. I mean she can crumble and look like a Zombie within an hour.. lol
    Black Sheep

    • I must admit, the kids aren’t what made this so much work. They were great. It was just so much…stuff, all the while carting them around. I can only imagine what dress shopping would be like with boys.

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