Maybe A Touch Warmer

Oh so happy.  I’M HAPPY.  On the inside.  On the outside, I’m more “meh.”  Anyway, here’s my Before shot.  Of course, this day (Tuesday) I was having a pretty good hair day.  I remember I doubled the professional-grade conditioner I normally use, then there was a recipe of mousse, smoothing oil, hairspray and constant fiddling with it.  Also, glasses are stupid when they’re all reflect-y when I’m trying to take a picture.  Get with the program.


Before Shot TO THE EXTREME.  This is my Rudolph robe.  JELUS?  T-minus however long it took me to mix all the solutions until we have Hair Makeover 2012.




The carnage.  No, no one died a bloody, Dexter death, it’s the provided gloves, post usage.  And you’ll also notice that there are two (2) bottles of solution.  That’s because the length, thickness, and dryness of my hair demands two boxes.  Probably could have used three, too, but that’s just crazypants.

(note: this is a terribly lit picture.  I’ll get a better one tomorrow in the day light and replace it.)

“It looks the same.” – Anonymous Husband

“It looks the same.” – Avery

“It looks pretty!  But it looks the same.” – Eirinn

“I really don’t see a difference.” – Anonymous Father-In-Law

“I guess it’s a touch warmer.” – Anonymous Mother-In-Law

…whatever.  I like it.  Obviously (?) I went for Brown-y Red.  However, I bought Dark Golden Brown, which is just a straight-up brown, but I know my hair and my hair looks at the colour on the box and says “Oooo!  Pretty!  Let’s go with that, except less that colour and more ORANGE!  YAY ORANGE!!!” except that one time when I over compensated and bought an ash blonde (this was back in high school when I was bottle-blonde) and I had a full head of gray hair.  Not gray-ish hair.  Gray.  I have no pictures to prove it because that was the day I smashed every camera in the house and then dyed my hair for a second time in one day.  My hair didn’t fall out, but I learned my lesson.  ORANGE is better than gray.

So it looks the same, except maybe a touch warmer.  I can live with it.  I can see a big difference but maybe that’s because I have to live with it.  Thanks for all your help in deciding whether to make a change and what direction to go.  You’re the best.  Yes, you.  And you.  NOT YOU.  But you, in the back.  You, too.


21 thoughts on “Maybe A Touch Warmer

  1. As someone whose commitment issues extend to her hair color, I will say that it looks lovely and very natural. Ya done well.

    Now onto the robe. Why? Because I have one that is of the same nature, sub in penguins. This proves only the most awesome women around dye their own hair, wear robes and write words.

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