10. Self Portrait

This is me.


9 thoughts on “10. Self Portrait

  1. I LOVE the hair colour Jen!! The red looks great! I can’t believe how long your hair is. It’s longer than it ever has been I think! My hair is pretty long right now too but it looks too thin. Those darn kids left me with thin hair, stretch marks other TMI problems! Okay that was off topic…Can you still have curly hair? You used to be able to wear it curly some days too.

    • Thank you! It hasn’t been this long since grade 2, I think. If I leave it natural (with just some product to tame the frizzies), it’s wavy. Not nearly as curly as it used to be, though.

  2. Hooray – see, that wasn’t so bad! That’s a wonderful pic; and I hope you got to eat some of your sandwich after you took the shot. Your new hair color looks great, too! Sorry, I mean “colour” (damn Americans).

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