11. Makes You Happy

Of course my kids make me happy, but if we’re to be honest as parents, that is only true most of the time.  Kids have the ability to make us miserable, too, and in the spirit of full disclosure, these two jerks take that talent and use it enthusiastically, quite often.  And I’m not being mean here because they do it knowingly and with purpose.  But here, in this picture, they were not.  They were playing together wonderfully, one drawing with chalk, one making magnet pictures.  When they get along with each other, and play nicely, I am as happy as I could be.  Knowing I didn’t ruin one by having the other.  Knowing that maybe they’ll make it to adulthood without killing each other through violence or me through psychological warfare.  Knowing that maybe, just maybe, these two can be the very best friends.  Happy.

I took another picture this morning, and don’t get mad at me, but waking up to this made me happy.  It has been unnaturally, disturbingly warm and snow-free this year.  We have had more days above freezing than we have had below and, therefore, we haven’t had snow for most of them.  No snowmen, no snow angels, no sledding.  We’ve had to shovel the driveway only a handful of times.  I’ve had to scrape my windshield twice.  Most people would find this happy-making, but not me.  I can’t seem to think of this weather as a good thing.  We’re Canada, people.  We should be buried deep and freezing our baguettes off.  It’s our way.  If you don’t like the cold or the snow, move to Florida.  This winter has been stupid, even if you don’t think so, so waking up to snow, even if it’s so little it doesn’t even cover the blades of grass, makes me happy.


5 thoughts on “11. Makes You Happy

  1. Sweet pic of the girls! I agree with what you said; sometimes I THINK my kids are getting along but when i get closer to their rooms I can hear them hissing, “shut up!” at each other, but quietly, so they don’t get in trouble. That’s okay, too. Though of course I prefer them to actually get along. Like friends.

    I’m in Michigan, and we woke to snow today, too. I will be happy to box it up and send it your way. 🙂

  2. Your girls are adorable. Gowns and “footie” pajamas on little girls make me smile for hours. I love it when Lyla and Carly wear theirs.

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