15. Phone

We own home phones for emergencies, only.  Neither of us ever, EVER, pick them up to have a conversation.  Not unless, FOR SOME WEIRD REASON, someone calls us.  And not telemarketers because our phones have this thing where they don’t just tell you who’s calling by displaying the number, they LITERALLY YELL IT TO US with a robot voice.  ‘Call from…[insert a mangled pronunciation of a common last name here].  Call from…[generally the name is so demolished, I wonder if my robot phones even SPEAK English].’  This means not only can we ignore unwanted phone calls (which includes most of them), but we don’t even have to get up to find out it’s unwanted. We’re lone wolves AND super lazy.


5 thoughts on “15. Phone

        • Ugh, ok fine. The lamp is from Bouclair and it doesn’t talk, so obviously it’s not my favourite lamp. It does, however, illuminate like nobody’s business, however I’m pretty sure the lightbulb should be getting a significant amount of THAT credit, no? Chicken or the egg, I suppose.

          The tissues are new, so I haven’t developed feelings for them, either way. Although the box is pretty cool in an x-rayed-flowers sort of way, which I’m digging. The thing about them, though, is that they’re in heavy usage right now, so they’ll be gone soon. It’s best not to get too attached to something so…temporary, you know?

          I think the table is from Leon’s and it was dirt cheap, along with it’s identical twin brother, who lives on the other side of the couch, and the coffee table. This table is more utilitarian, with the function of housing tangable, workable items like the phone and the lamp and the tissues. His twin is more decorative, and displays such items as a photo of my children, a particularly adorable owl candle holder and the charger for the remote, which, admittedly is less decoration and more utility, but whatever.

          The wall colour is Ashley Grey, I believe, which is in the taupe family. It is exactly one shade from the kitchen, which can be seen in the background of the portrait of myself I took a few days ago. If they’re less alike, that is a testiment to my shoddy photo editing skillz.

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