16. Something New

This scarf.  Oh, this scarf.  It’s a yellow and white plaid infinity scarf from Old Navy (I may be fashionable, but I will forever be frugal) that I NEEEEEEDED, because OBVIOUSLY.  Dude.  It was like $15 or something RIDICULOUS, so whether I NEED needed it or just WANT needed it is completely irrelevant.  This is the very first day I’ve worn it because, as it turns out, I don’t really own anything that is yellow or goes with a giant yellow scarf, but that point is also completely irrelevant.  I made it work with a simple white long sleeved t-shirt (also from Old Navy) and an open gray cardigan.

This post was not sponsored by Old Navy, but psst…Old Navy…CALL ME.


4 thoughts on “16. Something New

  1. Very tres chic, mon amie.
    I wear the same leopard print scarf from Old Navy every day in the winter, but more to keep warm. When it comes to fashionable scarves to wear all the time, mine would inevitably end up dropping in the toilet.
    I am classy.

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