20. Handwriting

There, all caught up.

Here it is.  I lean to the left (usually more so than here), but I’m not a lefty.  I have a variety of different handwritings (huh?), depending on my mood, and I rarely actually write.  Almost always print.  This right here’s from my notebook, specifically the notes for my single more popular post (completely accidentally – apparently sticking “tornado alley” into the title will fetch you hundreds of pageviews from students trying to research the ACTUAL tornado alley)(hehehe…poor students just trying to do their homework)(sorry unsuspecting students).


2 thoughts on “20. Handwriting

  1. Very neat. As in tidy. And legible, which is a bonus. I write in all caps, but that’s just from years of design. If I were to write in cursive, you’d start cursing at me.

    • Oh, that reminds me of something I could have mentioned – if I start writing (or printing) something and I don’t like the way my handwriting looks, I’ll chuck it and start over. I don’t like things that are offensive to my eyes.

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