My Closet Makeover: Part 3 – What To Buy

So you’ve saved your pennies and you’ve got your cash, you know your size, your style.   It’s time to shop.


Dorothy Perkins t shirt

I love to layer.  Sometimes I layer for the sake of layering.  A tank top under a blouse under a cardigan.  I have tanks and long-sleeved t-shirts in every shade of neutral.  These can be found on the ultra-cheap anywhere.  My favourite basics stores are Walmart (found a cute gray t-shirt there a few weeks ago for $9 and it fits the nicest of any that I have) ($9!) and Old Navy.  Old Navy simply for the variety in shades and shapes, and they always seem to have some sort of sale and free delivery.


Blowfish flat

I have never been a shoe girl.  I have wide feet that just don’t look good in heels (would Fred Flintstone look fetching in a delicate stiletto?), so I’ve lived my life in sneakers, boots, and flats.  LUCKY FOR ME, you can buy boots and flats that are just as beautiful as heels.  I have ballet flats in black, brown, and red (yes, red – they double as my statement piece [see ahead] some days) and they’re pretty much a solid part of my daily office uniform.

I have developed a love affair with boots.  I still buy them flat (because, if I’m being honest, I can not walk in heels), but they’re still sexy, if you ask me.  I have boots in black and brown, but I could probably buy a million pairs of boots and never feel like I own enough.  Boots can make an outfit look comfortable or totally badass and I love them.




Accessories are like the icing on the cake.  They are what adds the fun to your basics.  I am a big fan of both costume jewelry and scarves.  Chunky, colourful necklaces are my favourite and I have a ton, but I buy them from Ardene or Claires.  The local shops in my town have some beautiful, handmade, one of a kind pieces, if I feel like splurging (or if someone is looking to buy me a gift).  When I buy jewelry, I try to keep outfits in mind so that I’m not buying anything that won’t get worn, but I also think of ways to tie new ensembles together.  Perhaps a necklace has colours in it I hadn’t thought of putting together (a long necklace I recently bought is made from brown faux leather with red beads throughout, for example) before – BOOM!  Instantly I have a new outfit from clothing I already owned (brown cords and a red cardigan over a basic white tee, new necklace, brown boots, DONE).

I also have a million scarves.  I love scarves.  First, they keep my neck warm all the live long day.  Second, they’re like an alternative to a necklace (although, I’ve been meaning to find a way to pair the two).  I pretty much have a scarf in every colour, or at least in every colour that will coordinate with the clothes I own, and will wear one at least once or twice a week.

Statement Pieces



Every outfit deserves something that steals all the attention.  A blouse in an interesting pattern or colour, a beautifully tailored jacket, big, bold pieces of jewelry, or shoes that everyone asks about.  Usually it’s the statement pieces that pull an outfit together, that takes it from being simply an assortment of clothing to an ensemble.  It’s with your statement piece that you can push your comfort zone.  It’s just a touch of bravery, but it makes a world of difference.

Now.  Put it all together!

One T-Shirt, Three Ways
(Tomorrow I’ll talk more about taking your purchases and putting them together.  Tomorrow is when we get to have some fun!)

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