24. Inside Your Bathroom Cabinet

I have no excuse.  I’ve never even tried to keep an organized bathroom cupboard.  One of these days I’m going to pull everything out and sort through the mess.  There’s still some nearly four year old nipple cream and breastfeeding pads in there somewhere (sorry).  In a bag, I have every single one of the 40 bobby pins that were in my hair on my wedding day, seven and a half years ago.  There are about 20 bottles of creams and washes and lotions that I’ve never used.  I have three makeup bags of stuff I’ve used once.  I use five things on my face – moisturizer, powder, blush, black eyeshadow, and mascara – and three on my hair – leave-in conditioner, defrizz serum, and hair spray – and I use the d-o for b-o and the blow dryer.  Everything else?  ::shrug::  I don’t even know what is in there, let alone why I own it.  There’s an inflated bath pillow in there, FFS.  I’ve had two baths in the last 5 years, what the hell do I need an inflated bath pillow for?  What I mean is, I appreciate owning the pillow for the odd bath I do have, but why do I need to keep it inflated?  Apparently as a cushiony base for the pile of feminine hygiene products, hair accessories and self-waxing kits I OBVIOUSLY need.


5 thoughts on “24. Inside Your Bathroom Cabinet

  1. That is screaming for at least a half shelf in there. I put the stuff I use on the daily in a handled basket that I can tote from counter top back down to under cabinet. But I”m mostly a disaster myself. Hot wax anyone?

  2. I can’t believe that I, the queen if disorganization, actually might have a tip to share about bathroom vanity organization. I bought a plastic 2-drawer thingy on wheels (but never put on the wheels) and popped that bad boy in one side of our vanity. I get a drawer, and the Mister gets a drawer. The other side houses my hoarder-level supply of terlit paper.

    Of course, if you have remodel pending, yours will soon be more organized than even Martha Stewart. Well, probably.

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