28. Money

“But Jen!  You keep your money in a drawer?” Yes, I do.  My Canadian Tire money.  “But Jen!  What is this Canadian Tire money we hear tell of?”  First, please don’t end a sentence in a preposition.  You look like an idiot.  Second, Canadian Tire is a national institution.  It’s a store with a big automotive department and then they also sell everything else.  Literally all of the other things.  Except maybe food.  But other than food they have everything.  And when you spend real money, they reward you with Canadian Tire money.  It’s like points, only tangible.  You can only spend it AT Canadian Tire, but, like I said, they have everything anyway, so that’s why it’s awesome.  Although, they’re kind of stingey so it takes a while to save up enough to buy anything.  We’ve been saving for like 2 years and we have that drawer pretty much full and there’s about $2.85 in there.  But whatever.  It’s better than a kick in the pants.


4 thoughts on “28. Money

  1. I totally have $10 in Canadian Tire money burning a hole in my pocket. And by pocket I mean a cubby hole in my apartment. I’m going to save up and then make the cashier count out all those 5 cent bills. Yes, I am cruel.

    • Don’t you just DESEST anyone in front of you in line who has the nerve to pay with Canadian Tire money? Almost as bad as couponers.

      ::counts out one million five cent bills::

  2. “Literally all of the other things.” HA! Sounds like WalMart and Target, which took steroids and morphed into Super WalMart and Super Target (the “Super” means they have food, too, which I’ll grant them is pretty darn super).

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