2. Fruit

It’s the end of the week, so I don’t really have any fruit that isn’t of questionable freshness, so instead a picture of old fruit, here’s an old picture of fruit.  WHAT?  There’s fruit up there at the top.  Sure, they’re bathing in whipped cream and it appears to have snowed chocolate shavings all over their head, but they’re there.

This is a cake I made a couple years ago called a Vanilla-Berry Charlotte and if I recall correctly, it was positively delicious.  I don’t usually use Kraft recipes because I prefer to bake from scratch and their recipes almost always have Cool Whip or Miracle Whip or canned soup as their main ingredients, but no one is perfect and the appeal of an easy, quick dessert is sometimes more than anyone can resist.

Here’s the recipe, if you’re up for it.


3 thoughts on “2. Fruit

  1. If there’s something edible in my home. and it didn’t get there pre-assembled and/or frozen, then by my estimation I made it from scratch, even if ALL the ingredients are canned soup. If I make something from raw materials like flour and Various Herbs, I automatically qualify for sainthood (in my mind). But I’m lazy like that.

    Also, I covet your backsplash. Can I have it when you’re done with it?

    • I also love my backsplash. In fact, I love it so much, we did our fireplace in a very similar tile. You may have it when I am finished with it, though, because I’m generous and giving.

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