3. Your Neighbourhood

This is my neighbourhood.  Neighbours stay to themselves, it’s quiet because the only people who drive on my street are those who live here, and so I like it.  It’s a baby of a subdivision (we were one of the first homes built and we’ve been here for 5 years), and so the trees are tiny and immature. It’ll be much more beautiful when they’ve grown into shade trees that line the streets, but that will take time.  This is Canada and we have but a few piles of unmelted snow, so you may not believe that I took this photo just a few minutes ago, but it’s true.  Canada, at least my neck of the woods, has been very weird this winter.  Any snow fall we’ve gotten melts within a day or two and we’ll go long stretches of time without seeing more.  It’s confusing and disappointing for the kids and I can’t help but think this is the beginning of the end, but here we are.  This is my neighbourhood and, despite the gloomy landscape, I love this place.


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