7. Something You Wore

First of all, in my defense, I am being forced to talk about clothing and thereby breaking my promise made about never talking about clothes again.  Not my fault.  Second, let us talk about clothes, shall we?  This top, which appears to be a little poofy and maternity-y is from Ireland.  Next, to be precise, and the reason it looks poofy and maternity-y is because I accidentally bought a maternity shirt and didn’t realize I had until I got back to Canada, which makes it kind of hard to return.  But I’m not all that sad because it’s cute anyway and if I pretend real hard, I can be pretending that it’s just loose fitting, ON PURPOSE, and not completely obviously a maternity shirt.

Confession: this is not the only maternity top I keep in active rotation, but it IS the only maternity top in active rotation that was purchased and worn well after pregnancy. Oh, well.


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