17. Green

Green algae in a pool of ocean among the rocks at Giant’s Causeway.

The legend of the Giant’s Causeway is where we hear of one of Ireland’s most famous warriors,  Fionn mac Cumhaill (Finn McCool).  One version of the legend was that Fionn had spent many days and nights trying to create a bridge to Scotland because he was challenged by another giant, Benandonner. A fellow boatsman told him that the opponent was much larger than he and that Fionn would not be able to defeat him. Fionn told his wife and she came up with an ingenious plan to dress Fionn like a baby. They spent many nights creating a costume and bed. When the opponent came to Fionn’s house, Fionn’s wife told him that Fionn was out woodcutting and the opponent would have to wait for him to return. Then Fionn’s wife showed him her baby, a baby the size of a grown man, and when the opponent saw him, he was terrified at the thought of how huge Fionn would be. He ran back to Scotland and ripped up the Causeway as he fled,  in case he was followed by Fionn.

From my Irish household to yours, whether yours is Irish year round, or just for today – Happy St. Patrick’s Day.


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