18. A Corner Of Your Home, 19. Funny

The mantle above our fireplace in the living room.  Yes, it’s 12 days past Eirinn’s birthday and the cards are still on display.  We usually keep cards up there until the next occasion.  I have a weird hoarders thing about cards in that I haven’t thrown one out in about 11 years.  Not one.  Not a valentine, not a birthday card, not a Christmas card.  They’re all in a box, in the closet, in the guest room.  And not just mine, either.  Any card that enters this house gets kept.  I don’t know why.  I know I should just throw them out, but I haven’t, ok?  I’m saving them up until I have enough to build a structurally sound cabin out of them and I’m pretty close, I think.

Inquiring minds want to know.


4 thoughts on “18. A Corner Of Your Home, 19. Funny

  1. I’ll tell you what MY inquiring mind wants to know – was that book a gift, or something you needed to buy to satisfy your own curiosity, or was this photo taken in a crowded bookstore with curious onlookers nearby? Also, can I borrow it?

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