21. Delicious

Because diabeetus should be a choice.  This is my lunch – toasted bun, peanut butter, banana, and chocolate chips.  What WHAT?  Best combination ever?  Chocolate and peanut butter.  Second best?  Peanut butter and banana.  Let’s put all them bitches in a sandwich because YES.  I tell you, I can literally feel my blood sugar spiking and my arteries cursing my nasty, junk food-inventing mind.

UPDATE: I eat at home, then I go visit Avery at my mom’s for a few minutes before I go back to work.  At my mom’s Avery asked what I ate, so I told her.  She laughed and said, and I quote, “You eat like a kid.”  I can not argue with that.


5 thoughts on “21. Delicious

  1. I just read this and my stomach literally growled…I have all the ingredients except no bun or bread-type device to eat it off of…maybe just a spoon?

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