Wear all the colours! Support all the causes!

I’m wearing a purple scarf today in support of epilepsy awareness.  I am all for supporting worthy causes, but I’m not sure what wearing certain colours on certain days achieves.  I’ll throw my spare change at issues I believe are important because money, in theory, when applied and not absorbed by administrative and marketing costs, can make a solid difference.  Awareness is also important, people who are ignorant to the issues should be enlightened, informed, and/or prepared.  Awareness encourages people currently unaffected by whatever cause you’re pushing to sympathize, to promote change, or alter their current views.

I suppose wearing purple for epilepsy or pink for breast cancer or red for heart disease gets the conversation going, is what organizers are going with this, but that’s assuming people would ask in the first place.  I’m wearing a purple scarf today, picked out consciously to show support, but I wear scarves of many different colours several days a week, so I doubt anyone will ask.  I’ll donate a few dollars to monetize my support, although I’m not sure for what, exactly, that money will be used, but I’m wearing a purple scarf because I probably would have worn a scarf anyway.  I was just saved the effort of deciding which one.

I’m not saying showing support by dressing a certain way is a bad thing.  I think that if it’s a cause you believe in, that if it’s close to your heart or you’ve been affected by it in any way or even if you simply feel it is worthy of your thoughts and efforts and money, than showing support in any way is fantastic and important.  I’m just not sure about blindly dressing in a colour simply because someone sent a memo saying you should.  Because that’s what usually happens.  Even I don’t know exactly why I’m wearing certain colours every single time I’ve been told to dress in them.  I try, but sometimes I forget.

I think you should support what you believe in and dress however you want and those two things don’t make a lot of sense to marry.

/end rant.


3 thoughts on “Wear all the colours! Support all the causes!

  1. I suggest to you that you’d spread awareness faster if you picked clothing that clashed HORRIBLY with your scarf du jour. Take pictures.

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