Rockets To The Rescue

Avery couldn’t sleep last night.  Actually, after she snuck downstairs, the conversation went like this:

“Avery, why are you awake?”

“I can’t sleep.”

“Is it too loud?” (we were watching more Sons of Anarchy – almost over – and there tends to be a lot of gun shots and explosions and POW! BIFF! KAPLOW! fist fighting noises, as well as all of the cuss words ever invented)


“Are you too hot?”


“Are you too cold?”


“Are you thirsty?”


“Let’s go back upstairs and I’ll tuck you back in.”

“But I can’t sleep.”

“Well, it’s bedtime, so you’ll have to try.”

“I can’t.”

“You can’t try?”

“No, I can’t.”

And so it went on for about 10 minutes.  Apparently she couldn’t try to sleep.  Fair enough.  There are a lot of things I can’t try to do, I suppose, but there’s one thing I’m not opposed to trying is drugging my kids to sleep.

With candy.

Do you know what looks exactly like “medicine that helps you sleep” to a 3 year old who doesn’t know any better?  Rockets.  Do you Americans have Rockets?  I think they’re called Smarties in the U.S., which are actually delicious chocolate in Canada, but I’m talking about Canadian Rockets, American Smarties.


Smarties, meet Rockets.  Rockets, meet Smarties.  Smarties, meet Smarties.

Sorted?  Sorted.  I gave Avery a Rocket, told her it was medicine to help her sleep, and she bought it.  Hook, line, and sinker.  I took her back upstairs and she climbed into bed without a word and fell straight to sleep.  In the morning, she told me that the medicine worked and she slept all the way until the morning.

And if I didn’t know my kid better, and if I didn’t know that she is ten times smarter and more manipulative than I could ever dream of being, I’d actually believe her.  What I do believe is that she knew it was candy.  She probably knows and knew all along, decided to pretend to fall for it so that this could be our new thing.  She pretends she can’t sleep, I give her candy, both of us know what’s really up, neither one of us will confess.  I get what I want (her to sleep), she gets what she wants (candy).

I can’t decide if this is a parenting win or fail.  Either way, I’m sure I’m setting my kid up for a pretty mean prescription medication addiction.


12 thoughts on “Rockets To The Rescue

  1. This also works on ” I have a stomach ache, I can’t go to school” I speak from experience.[Maybe this is why you no longer like candy]Hmmmm!

    • I do remember taking some sort of candy to school and telling my friends that I couldn’t share because it was medicine. I was apparently greedy and a liar, even back then.

  2. Hehe!! My sister has done something similar with her kids….only using those menthol inhalers that you stick in your nose and sniff. She told her kids it was knock out gas and they all went to sleep with in minutes. There was also the added bonus of their perpetually stuffy noses being clear in the morning! Her oldest (6 yrs) finally figured it out but still asks for it every night because of it clearing out his nose.

  3. At first I thought this was brilliant…until you mentioned her possible knowledge of your tricky trick and was using it against you…Now I am not sure whose winning here…

    I tend to use fear over candy…Stuff like…my son could get those plugs for the sockets out of the wall and he was making me paranoid (he was 2 at the time) So I told him that the plugs prevent bugs (which he’s terrified of) from entering his room… He never removed the safety plug again…

    • It’s still brilliant, even if she knows what’s up. It’s one of those win-win situations. Besides, I actually don’t think she knows. She’s only asked for it once since and it worked again, so I can live with that.

  4. I say any time you get what you want it’s a win. I might change my answer if , instead of candy, you’d given her a snifter of NyQuil or something. But in this case, a win for sure.

    And WTH with the Rockets/Smarties thing? Can we not have some continuity? Or could they at least pick completely different names? It’s not like we’re short on nouns they could use.

    • Exactly. One measly Rocket isn’t harming anyone.

      I have no idea what is up with the name thing. I guess they tossed around all of the nouns and there are only two that are good.

  5. Total win.

    I hate Smarties…American Smarties and I’m sickened that Smarties…Canadian Smarties have to share the Smarty name with something as disgusting as Smarties…American Smarties.

    Total win.

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