It Puts The Lotion (and the cleanser, and the pore refining mask, and the medicated topical cream) On It’s Skin…

Alright, I have a confession.  I have no idea how to take care of my skin.

::watches all the men turn and run out the door::


Anyway, I don’t.  I’m 32 years old and I wash my face with what I assume is meant for teenagers.  That is, when I haven’t run out and just use whatever’s in the shower that will foam.  Bar soap, liquid soap.  I’ve been known to use shampoo on occasion.  It’s the worst when I’ve run out of facial cleanser (that’s fancy grown up lady-person talk for face soap) AND I’ve run out of my regular soap and I have to use AH’s soap, so I spend the rest of the day smelling like I rubbed my face in a man’s armpit.  A fresh, clean armpit, but a manly armpit, nonetheless.

I have that sort of skin that can’t decide whether it’s pubescently unruly or not.  But mostly yes.  I still get blemishes on a regular basis, I have a wickedly oily t-zone, and blackheads are embarrassingly rampant.  In the past few months, it’s gotten worse, little by little, and so I started a treatment program to attempt to deal with the situation.  I got a foaming cleanser, a blackhead clearing mask, moisturizer, and a medicated topical cream and went at it.  A week in and I can say that there are definitely fewer blemishes and blackheads, my pores are much smaller, my t-zone isn’t greasy anymore, and that right there is part of the problem.  I’ve gone and dried out my face entirely.  We’re talking raisin here, which, for a woman Of A Certain Age, is worrisome, given my proximity to the wrinkle-growing stage of my life.

Now, because I finally, for the first time in a very, very long time, seem to have skin which doesn’t break out at the mere suggestion of natural body oils, I’m at a loss.  Obviously, I need to ease up, either I cut back on the frequency with which I combine any of my medicated cleansers et al, or use just one at a time, or something.  And, obviously, I need to find a good moisturizer.

Wow.  I am BORING myself right now.  I’ve never cared about things like skin care before and the only reason I do right now is because my face is literally flaking off my skull and I can’t be sure, but I don’t think that’s supposed to happen.  But whatever.  This was a waste of a post and a waste of your time, if you’ve lasted this long.  I apologize.  I have a very small life and the things to talk about are few and far between.

But, if you’re still awake, if you have any suggestions for formerly oily, blemish-prone, currently dry-as-a-bag-of-hay, blemish-prone skin, I’d be grateful.

Thank you, come again.


10 thoughts on “It Puts The Lotion (and the cleanser, and the pore refining mask, and the medicated topical cream) On It’s Skin…

  1. I’ve reached the stage where I look up into the sky and say things like “you can give me wrinkles or zits but not both! Do you hear me?!? NOT BOTH!!!”
    There needs to be some sort of understanding that by aging I’ve earned the right to sport clear glowing skin.

  2. I’m a couple of notches over 40 and still use Stridex at night. It is just so damn easy…Broke down and recently bought expensive stuff (like I do once every two years or so) and promised myself I’ll use it… sure it will languish and die here like all the others…

  3. Sorry I have no advice for you because I am in a similar boat. I have never ever done anything special for my skin. I will just wash it with whatever soap is around. Bar soap or whatever. I don’t moisturize or do anything. I still will get the odd blemish but I mostly don’t because of the “the pill.” When I was off the pill, it was a different story. Blemishes ALL. THE. TIME. This is how I know the pill works so well for my face. However, I won’t be on “the pill” forever and even so I still get blemishes and my face seems to be dry and oily at the same time with blackheads and all that stuff. The point of this paragraph is just to say thank you for your post because I thought I was the only one who doesn’t do (probably what we should be doing) to my skin. I’ve tried to buy stuff before. Key word “tried.” I never actually bought anything because you go to that section and just get overwhelmed. So many choices!!! I just gave up and kept using Dove. Anyway, I’ll be watching this post for the suggestions as well!

    • I haven’t been on “the pill” for about 7 years now, so that’s probably my problem right there. The pill prevents two things – kids and zits.

  4. I use grownup stuff on my face and also have dry skin. Occasionally, I will get these weird dry, scaly patches that only respond to Curel. Yes, the body lotion. Go figure.

  5. Want to borrow Don’t go to the Cosmetic Counter Without Me? Check out Paula Begoun’s website. I found the site and book very helpful since I am so clueless about products!

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