Word Stew (Now With More Calamari!)

* The girls got haircutes (not a typo).  Eirinn’s very long hair was nothing but a ball of knots that lead to tears and frustration every morning and during every bath, so off it went.  It was actually her idea, which was surprising given her attachment to it.  No more tears!


Avery had been growing out her bangs for nearly a year, but despite finally reaching a length that would reach behind her ears, they just draped in front of her eyes and into her food, so the short bangs are back.  We can see her face again!


* Remember the other day when I said I hate dresses? I do. I hate them. But I’ve also bought a few in the last couple days in preparation for a vacation that is not happening any time soon, but it’s in the winter, which is after beachy dresses can be easily found. And during the summer is also too late because they’ll be all gone. So I was forced to buy some dresses that can be worn on a beach because I don’t want to be sweaty, ok? It’s not that I like them because I don’t, I just feel they might be necessary, ok?

* Eirinn gave me a morning glory sproutling in a decorated styrofoam cup and I haven’t even killed it yet.  That was, like, almost two weeks ago!  It was touch and go there for a minute one day when I accidentally watered it twice, but it’s since recovered and I’m pretty sure it looks like a healthy baby morning glory is supposed to look.


* We’re going this weekend to find someone to supply and install hardwood flooring on our ground floor (everywhere but the kitchen, front hall, and powder room), the stair leading to the second floor, and the hallway up there.  Do you know what’s really difficult and also super boring?  Deciding on hardwood.  The construction, the species, the stain colour – there’s just too much.  It has to coordinate with the living room furniture, the dining room furniture, even the kitchen cupboards because our living room and kitchen area is open concept.  We want it in a medium to dark tone, but not too dark because with a dog and small kids, it’s bound to get scratched and a very dark colour shows everything.  But we don’t want too light because that’s not our taste.  Too country or ’80’s or something.  And then, if we hardwood the stairs, we’ll have to do something about our railing, which is expensive and what do we do?  Go to metal pickets?  Refinish what we have and don’t particularly love?  Just knock it down and then when the kids are bad, we can play THIS IS SPARTAAAA! off the landing?  So many decisions.

* I ordered a few books the other day and when they arrived, I discovered that one book was in large print.  Like HUGE print, for old ladies and such.  I’m already very near sighted, meaning close up, I can see perfectly.  In fact, I can read very, very tiny, almost microscopic print, when I hold something like a book at a normal distance.  But any further than a foot or so from my face and it’s a complete blur.  Anyway, so if I hold something like a book at a normal distance, but said book is printed in 72 pt font, I’m pretty sure my eyes are going to explode from the level of magnification they’ll be dealing with.  Super-human up-close vision + glasses + old lady font = KABLOOEY!  We’ll see!  I promise to record it, just in case they do explode because that would be cool.

* I’ve had a mean craving for both spicy, fried calamari and stuffed mushroom caps for about two weeks now.  No, I’m not pregnant, and GET OUT for even suggesting such a thing.  I just really want some squid and mushrooms.  Do you have any?  I’ll pay for delivery.  FROM ANYWHERE.

* I think that’s all for today.  Thank you, come again.


2 thoughts on “Word Stew (Now With More Calamari!)

  1. *Those girls are cute!

    *My son would totally vote for the chance to THIS IS SPARTAAAA! his little sister off a landing. This is why would don’t allow 15 yos to vote.

    *Everything is better with calamari!

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