Sons Of Anarchy And How My Night Was Thoroughly RUINED

I was more angry last night than I’ve been in a very, very long time.  I was so mad, I almost cried.  They would have been flaming hot tears of rage and venom, if any had actually fallen, because they burned oh, so bad behind my eyes.  I swore.  I was short with everyone in the house.  I may have thought once or twice about all the injustices in the world and how of all of them, what I was going through at that moment was about the worst of them all.

I found out last night that we don’t get the channel that airs my favourite show.

The whole thing is bullpoop and I can barely contain the fury.

We could get it, for a measly $16.95 a month on top of the one million Canadian dollars we already spend on our Super Deluxe Platinum Premium A 1 A cable package.  That works out to $4.24 per episode because there’s probably nothing else we’d want to watch on the channels we’d be required to subscribe to in order to watch this one little show.  So, no.  That would be silly.

Or would it…

Yes, it would be ridiculous to spend that kind of money for one show when I could just wait and watch it at a later date.

Or would it…

Of course it would.  Shut up.  You’re the worst.

Anonymous Husband and I have spent the past year watching all kinds of shows in their entirety that we’d neglected previously.  Depending on how many seasons they’ve been, we can usually work out way through in three weeks or less.  Usually less because tv is pretty much What We Do in the evenings.  So far we’ve watched, this year alone, from season 1 (and some of them have only been one season):

  • True Blood
  • Justified
  • Californication
  • Girls
  • Strike Back
  • Breaking Bad

We started Homeland last night (because SUDDENLY, WE HAD NO OTHER TELEVISION PLANS) and we have Suits lined up and plan on tackling Mad Men as soon as we get a chance.  But my most very favourite of all the shows we’ve ploughed through is Sons Of Anarchy.  AH loves Justified the very best because he has a bit of a man-crush on Timothy Olyphant, and I can’t say I blame him because he looks like the kind of guy a man would swing the other way for, but I loved every single minute of SOA.  Up until I watched, I didn’t even like motorcycles, but now I’m pretty sure that if SAMCRO actually existed, I’d buy a Dyna Glide, move to Charming, and hope they’d deem me Prospect worthy.  You know, if I weren’t a girl.  Them’s the rules.  Fear the Reaper.

I’ve been looking forward to the season 5 premiere since we finished watching all four seasons in two weeks, months ago.  I had the date marked in my calendar.  Watching it was my only plan for the entire evening.  I put the kids to bed, giddy because TODAY IS THE DAY!, came downstairs, and AH broke the news to me.  FX Canada airs Sons Of Anarchy, sure ‘nuf, but it’s only on season 2 right now.  Thanks for coming out.  The only channel that carries it, we don’t get.


So, well played, CANADA.  Night.  Ruined.  If any of you spoil the premiere for me, I will literally hunt you down and kill you dead.  IN THE FACE.  I’m only mostly joking.  I take my television very, very seriously.  I’m still depressed and I will remain as such until I see for myself what happened after [insert spoilery type information from season 4].


6 thoughts on “Sons Of Anarchy And How My Night Was Thoroughly RUINED

  1. I’ve never seen the show but can relate to the general sentiment. I’ve been known to have intense feelings about TV shows myself. And now you’ve got me thinking I should start watching it if it’s good enough to cause that much heartbreak. I was looking for a new one. So thanks? And my condolences.

  2. Tell me all about it!!! I can’t even get Canada FX where I am…even if was willing to pay the extra “1 child is not going to university” fee. I love the show “Wilfred” – had to buy the Season 1 DVD. But I was psyched thinking we could get it on HBO….but NOT. AGGGGH. Get me hooked than yank the plug fickle glittering box.
    I have calmed down a bit though.
    It may, or may not be because I found someplace…. some glorious virtual place that streamed Season 2 of Wilfred Live.
    ssshhhhhh……I was never here.

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