The ‘Ween of Twenty Twelve

Avery was Mittens Fluff N’ Stuff, a Lalaloopsy for those of you without small, doll-playing children, and Eirinn was Frankie Stein, a Monster High doll, again, for those same people.  Here’s a visual aid, in case you’re unsure:

Lalaloopsy’s are like little ragdolls.  There are a million different dolls and they all have their own “personality” and “stuff”.  They’re perfectly adorable and I could collect them myself if my kids wouldn’t just steal them anyway.  Monster High dolls are high school students (obviously) who are also children of famous monsters (obviously).   Frankie is the daughter of Frankenstein’s monster.  There’s also an infinite number of them in the collection – Draculaura, daughter of Dracula, Abby Bominable, daughter of a Yeti, Operetta, daughter of the Phantom of the Opera, Claude Wolf, son of a werewolf, etc.  While they’re shamefully disproportionate (I mean, LOOK at that head-to-waist ratio), they more dressed than most Barbies and at least they’re teenagers, not children like Bratz dolls.  On the range of terrible toys for young girls, they’re not the absolute worst, is what I’m saying.

Anyone else think Halloween should be on a Saturday every year?  Who has time after work and school to get their kids fed, dressed, makeupped, get the hand-out candy ready, light the pumpkins, re-do makeup, and find candy-collecting bags all quickly enough to have time to trick or treat before bed time?  I don’t, I can tell you that much.  I had to leave work early and I was still rushed.  Never did feed the kids (they ate at my mom’s, right after school, and then filled up on nutritious candy afterwards).  Let’s start a petition to have Halloween on the last Saturday of October, not October 31.

One teenager came to the door last night, dressed in no apparent costume whatsoever, and so I asked him “What are you supposed to be?”  Without breaking stride, as I’m sure he was used to answering that question by then, he told me he was an African warrior.  He even cited a name.  I gave him his candy because what the hell do I know about African warriors?  Maybe they wear jeans and a hoodie and carry a backpack.  I am clearly no expert.  I also didn’t care.  If they come to my door, are polite, and don’t have visible facial hair they grew themselves, they can have some chips or whatever.  I’m way too lazy to argue.  I also like an egg-free front door, so live and let live.


10 thoughts on “The ‘Ween of Twenty Twelve

  1. My kids were all about Monster High for a while but now they’re only into Littlest Pet Shop. They’ve gone beyond playing into ‘collecting’.

    I would have given that kid candy, just for the answer. Mostly if they have a good costume I’ll give kids any age candy (and are polite). I trick-or-treated until I was seventeen so who am I to judge?

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